Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Drought Is Over....

Hey folks , I just wanted to let you know that the national weather service has Taken Milwaukee & SE wisconsin off the drought map. (Like We Havent Noticed)
With all of this rain, Milwaukee area is experiencing basement flooding. Waukesha has the fox river over flowing the banks & sump pumps constantly running.
In Jefferson, the rock & conecting rivers are overflowing & in Cedarburg & Theinsville, they are sand bagging local areas.
Just remember, the water cleanup isnt all you have to do to prevent mold growth. If your experiencing flooding or musty smells, you will have mold growth.
Call Cobak at 262-717-9989 & the Moldyguy will be right out to consult your mold issues


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey I forgot about this pick of PIPER.... Cobak Environmentals Mold sniffing K9

Photo: Everone wish happy Bday to PIPER  Hes 11 today :)



 We at Cobak Environmental have developed this blog to educate & also Entertain  our current & potential customers. We will talk about so many different issues from A to Z in the mold business & health related issues that we run across with our travels.  we also will talk about govt regulations even how to get your cousult or remediation as a tax deductible expense!!

Any Questions that you may have, we can also answer them privately or on the blog if you feel necessary to blab it..LOL

Ok heres our first Story!!

MEET PIPER, Our Mold locating DOG  (K9 mold detection)
This boy is amazing!!  Yes thats him enjoying a drink at a local establishment after a busy day of being a working mold detection dog.. He will do everything from taking the cans to the  recycling Bin, picking up sticks & taking them to the burning pit.. We cant leaving out drinking the toilet dry.( now thats an art)  LOL
 He really likes locating mice & chipmunk penetrations. But what he specializes in is finding hidden mold inside walls. I trained him how to locate by smell,but hes taught me so much about how to locate hidden mold that most of the time he sits in the truck waiting to go to work..I get my nose down to the areas I suspect mold to be..
The nose is the best locating tool you have.. Is u see mold or smell musty odors in your home,office or business, Call Us  COBAK ENVIRONMENTAL  at  262-717-9989 & PIPER & I will come out & consult your situation..

Folks this gona be fun!! Stay tuned!!