Wednesday, March 11, 2015

google sucks for business

Hello ,
Google dominance in the search engine has caused so much problems with my marketing that I am having major problems trying to make a living.. I don't show up in the search engines for weeks at a time & my business phone doesn't ring for weeks on end.. Then I start to get these calls from google partners saying my Google+ account hasn't been updated when nothing has changed to it.. Then they want to sell you everything under the sun to fix it when nothing is wrong.

I tell you its pretty bad when you do a search in your own city you provide services in & you don't even come up in the search engines..
Im really getting close to giving up on this mold business.. Not because I'm not good at what I do, & provide the most Knowledge & experience in the mold business, but because Google has screwed every small business out there with there algorithm's changing all the time & forcing small business to go to pay per click just to get some search engine place time during searches by ppl trying to find quality services. I cannot compete with 20.00 per click for a person to come to my web site & no guarantee that in going to get a call out of that click. I have proven that pay per click advertising is the worst spent marketing dollars.. for every 100.00 spent, I barely get 300.00 back on my investment.. even with the yellow pages I got a 10.00 return to every 1.00 spent

A very frustrated Moldyguy