Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A day in the eyes of a MOLD Inspector:

I just did a consult with a concern that mold was growing on certain toys in a basement. When I got there, the home had a mild musty smell as I walked into the home. I proceeded to the basement which was partially finished.  There was this sticky film on a few items, toys, drain lines, pool table, ETC.. But it wasn't on other contents. There was colonies growing on these surfaces & products. It was a weird case.  I have only seen a few other times.. I seen this in a homes with WOK or deep fryers ..

The client hasn't ran a dehumidifier in the basement rooms for a few years & I recognized the substance on the products. IT WAS  COOKING OIL!!  Yes there was mold growing  on but it was growing on surfaces that had natural static electricity.. PLASTIC !!

The discussion with the client:

Well how in the hell did it get there the Client stated.. I said from cooking.. Well we don't cook down here.. I said true. are you sure? they say now that you think of it, I did have someone living down here but they used a microwave.. I asked, did they ever use a electric frying pan?  Im not sure they answered. Well if they didn't, oil can get spread around the house thru the hvac system.. Well we don't cook with oil...Wait a second...come to think of it, Well we do have a little deep fryer we use once in a while.. I stated it doesn't take long to develop. I seen a couple wreck all the walls in there apt from oil smoke the first month they were there. They use cooking oil & a Wok to cook everything

Yes the plastic drew the cooking oil smoke towards it.. It, along with dust settled on the surfaces. the mold spores settled on the surfaces also. With the humidity in the basement, it allowed the mold to develop.
Normally mold will not develop on inorganic surfaces unless it has a food source, This was a perfect scenario!

Additional Inspection:

Well this was there concern.. Not Mine.. Additional inspection did discover that there was a wall built to cover up a cubby to the garage staircase that was eliminated when the addition was built, there was mold inside the area & damaged paneling with mold on the structure. There was also one area of the basement corner that was finished & was showing water penetration & damaged vinyl tile & paneling with warping, I found this area just after the client said that they never had water on this side of the basement, they just didn't remember!!
Also I found from doing a thorough investigation on the outside inspection that they would have mold in the attic because there was not many air vents cut into the soffits. a total of 7 vents in the entire 2,300 sq ft home. Well we will be offering a bunch of Mitigation to this project because of the extensive mold inside the attic.. mold remediation will be needed also after the mitigation of the attic area.

Just think!! It all started with a call  for some slimy substance on a few kids toys!!!Sorry Didn't need Piper this time but I do have a story about the dog inspection..

It Pays to Hire someone that has 14 yrs experience in mold, We are very knowledgeable & do investigations the right way!!

So if you have any concerns about mold in your home, office or business, Please call COBAK ENVIRONMENTAL    262-717-9989

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