Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello Friends,
As the weather changes, the colors are great on the trees, the pollen counts start to lower, well except for the golden rod.... & the mold counts start to lower outside.. The PPL with allergies will appreciate this once the growing season stops with the first few frosts..
This is the start of our busy season  "believe it or not" !!  Our complaints start when you start to turn on your heat & close your windows.. The air quality in your home starts to be contaminated if you have any issues with mold in your home. Mold will dry out & start to be released easily in less humid air. Kind of like a dandelion loosing its seeds. This mold can be on boxes, wood structure, paneling, drywall, even the block or concrete walls or floors of your basement. It also can be inside the walls that you will never see.. That's where PIPER the Mold dog will help!!

If you are having continuing allergies or have musty smells since you closed your windows & turned on you heat, you have mold somewhere..  give COBAK ENVIRONMENTAL a call 262-717-9989
Me & PIPER my Mold Locating K9 will come out & do A MOLD INSPECTION & or Air Sampling


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